Vencer Sarthe

Back in 2011, we designed the initial concepts for Vencer; A Dutch Super sports cars brand which was to come out with their first model, the Vencer Sarthe. The supercar featured a large V8 made by General Motors, it sported an astonishing 622 brake horsepower. We supported Vencer through the entirety of the project; from the inital sketches to the final product. We designed both the in and exterior of the car and presented them to the public by utilising a variety of 3D visualisation techniques. 

  • CLIENT Vencer B.V.
  • YEAR 2011
  • WE DID 3D Design, Visualisation

Concept Design

Design and Visualisations of the Sarthe Concept

Design Options

Creation of Multiple Design Options
Creating an appealing Interior

Strong commitment and craftsmanship are essential parts of Vencer. They build cars with the kind of commitment and determination that only small, focused and passionate companies can have. Built with integrity, passion and dedication, the team of Vencer knows what it takes to deliver you the most rewarding driving experience.

Design Process

We have extensive experience in the transportation design industry which is what led us to work together with Vencer for the Sarthe project. We were part of the initial concept rounds and helped the project reach it's full completion. An essential part of design is translating the wishes of the client into a wholesome and applicable real-world product.

Exterior & Interior Design

One of the most important aspects of every luxury product are the overall aesthetics. Never is this more true than in the super sports car industry. With the Vencer Sarthe we were in charge of both the interior & exterior design. Our aim was to create a truly unique look and feel to the car as to blow people away with the inital Vencer concept model.

High-Quality Visuals

Design can be found in the car, but it can also be found in the supportive imagery in the form of photorealistic 3D renders. These visualisations were made to promote the initial release of the car and to portray the real-life applicability of the concept and eventual product. We designed and created imagery to showcase every feature and fascet of the stunning Vencer Sarthe.


Translating the clients wishes into a real concept


In & exterior Design


Creating stunning 3D visuals

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