Spyker Cars Experience Centre concept

Back in 2015 we designed and engineered the Spyker Cars experience Centre concept for the Dutch super sports car company Spyker. The initial goal was to let people experience and configure their ideal car, people could experience the car in a 3D environment and alter the aesthetics to their liking. This immersive experience was made to be the sports car Valhalla, enjoy your best iteration of the Spyker models and find your best fit.

  • CLIENT Spyker Cars B.V.
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID 3D Design, Visualisation

Unique Table

Configure your car's aesthetics with real paint and leather samples


Choose your optimal model and experience it in a full 3D environment


Pick and choose your favorite materials and components

Spyker came to us for the creation of the ultimate promotional tool, users can experience and configure their ultimate Spyker super sports car. Choose your ideal version and aesthetics to create a truly unique vehicle in a great buying experience.

Visualize & Experience

Spyker, the unique Dutch sports car brand came to us for an interactive configurator based on set imagery. When we started to explore the possibilities of real time 3D and the purpose of the application we realized that the project was more suited towards an immersive real time solution. The application smoothened the concept of ordering and calculating the price of both the Spyker Preliator coupe and spider on a portable platform. The configurator is able to export a product sheet with all the options to increase the work flow. The designed dealer concept with unique configuration table for all the paint and leather samples made the entirety of the car ordering experience a highly enjoyable one.


Shaping the interactive scenery and environment


Creating the concept into realistic renders


Using proper measurements and physics to support real-life applicability

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