Sleeping Dome concept

Back in 2014, we wanted to create an immersive experience that could be enjoyed in every setting. This Sleeping Dome lets users experience their optimal setting through VR & AR techniques whilst being utterly comfortable. The concept was created in real-life applicable 3D renders that function as a blueprint for the eventual project. Step into the bedroom of the future.

  • CLIENT Innovative Brands B.V.
  • YEAR 2014
  • WE DID 3D Design, Visualisation

360 degrees

Interactive video dome
A variety of High-Tech solutions that support the experience

Controlled Experience

UI & UX Design

This concept was created to give people an insight into the bedroom of the future. This highly immersive experience is supported through high-tech solutions to give users total control of their surroundings. Step into the bedroom of the future.

Interactive Sleeping Dome

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fall asleep in a serene rainforest in Guatemala and wake up in the vibrant city of New York, now it’s possible through the use of the Interactive Bed Room. The Interactive Bed Room was designed to give the user complete control over their surroundings from the palm of their hands. The user can lose themselves in the immersive dome and visit any type of environment on earth, from the African plains to the Great Barrier Reef. Whilst seeing these grand sights user can treat themselves to a cold drink from one of the refrigerated cabinets. Who wouldn’t want to be able to travel the world from their couch. Everything in the dome is fully customizable, from the furniture to the lighting installations, which means people can create their own piece of futuristic heaven. Every element of the dome is controllable, so take control.


Shaping the interactive scenery and environment


Creating the concept into realistic renders


Using proper measurements and physics to support real-life applicability

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