Restaurant Dome concept

Back in 2014, our design team came up with a futuristic restaurant concept that functioned as a feasible opportunity and a great showcase of design and engineering. The concept featured a mixture of flora & fauna combined with great scenery and design, this was then rendered in a full 3D-environment to create an immersive experience that captures the user’s imagination. This concept also showed off some great lighting and weather effects that further improved upon the overall believability, step into the restaurant of the future.

  • CLIENT Innovative Brands B.V.
  • YEAR 2014
  • WE DID 3D Design, Visualisation

Concept Design

Designing a unique conceptual restaurant


Renders focused on immersion and realism
Created to showcase new concepts

The restaurant Dome project was a conceptual restaurant design that set out to bring ingenuity and enjoyment together in a realistic showcase

Flora & Fauna

The design incorporated both plant and animal life to create a serene and natural environment. The addition of lighting and weather effects further attributed to the overall look and feel of the restaurant.


An essential part of the design was the authenticity, viewers had to become immersed and enticed to explore this idyllic scene.

High-quality Imagery

The immersion was further supported through high-quality imagery in the form of renders. The concept was made to showcase the exceptional features of the design and its environment.


The essence of this concept was the eventual possibility of creation, which is why the design featured realistic measurements to support the possibility of this unique experiment.


Shaping the futuristic and idyllic scenery and enviroment


Finding the right tools to showcase the project's features in high-quality


Using proper measurements and physics to support real-life applicability

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