Nintec Interactive Room

NINtec Group, established in 1997 , is a global information technology services, solutions and product engineering company with a team of brilliant and dedicated professionals serving our customers across 30 countries in 5 Continents. We specialize in transforming our customers’ business continuously by providing the right insight, deploying the most sought after technology solutions. Our exclusive Centers of Excellence (Technology and Domain), have been created by ICT experts who strive to make the most challenging technological and business constraints in information technology the least impediment to our customers success. From the most demanding to the most distant customers, we help global leaders grow and transform their business and bring greater flexibility with faster time to market through technical excellence, all at lower costs, right at their doorsteps. Our customers rely on us to deliver “MEASURABLE BUSINESS VALUE”. We serve customers across Automotive, Healthcare, Publishing and Media, Entertainment and Gaming, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing and Engineering, Retail, Public Sector, Software Product Houses and Independent Software Vendors.
  • CLIENT Nintec Group
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID 3D Design, Visualisation

3D Visualisation

We created an immersive 3D environment

Optimal enviroment

Striving to create the most effective working & thinking environment
Creating total immersion through VR techniques

We designed and created a truly unique VR & Installation room concept for the Nintec Group to enhance their brainstorming process.

Futuristic Boardroom

The concept was made to support effectivity in meetings through cutting-edge techniques and excellent settings.

3D Modelling

We chose for a 3D model for this concept to shine a light on every aspect of the Interactive room. This design can showcase all the features that create for this optimal meeting environment.

Immersive Techniques

The use of Virtual Reality techniques created a level of immersion that could portray the discussed projects in a more wholesome light.


The concept was made to be applied in a real-life environment, the use of realistic 3D models gave the project a chance for application which is as it should be.


Shaping the interactive scenery and environment


Creating the concept into realistic renders


Using proper measurements and physics to support real-life applicability

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