Lucis 2.1 Wireless Lighting

LUCIS 2.1 is a wireless and touch-activated Mood Light which is unique due its stylish design, its sustainability and its power. After a successful campaign at Indiegogo we are back with a new lamp which is even better, more beautiful, stronger and most importantly, more sustainable: MEET LUCIS 2.1! Lucis Wireless Lamp™ is equipped with a 1o,000mAh rechargeable battery and 450Lumen (40watt lamp). Charge for 6,5 hours you will have 8-120 hours of continuous full color lighting. Every Lucis is equipped with 4 sensors to set color and brightness. Use the 16 million colors to set the mood anywhere. Lucis Bamboo 2.1™ is available in high quality Bamboo and the 1/4″ tripod connector can be used for any tripod on the market.  

  • CLIENT Lucis Wireless Lighting
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Product design, Engineering, Software design, Production, Distribution, Print design
Custom-made Software created to control various Lighting-programs
Incorporated Powerbank in prior model to save resources
A deluxe package designed to protect & showcase the product

The second iteration of Lucis portable lamps created to improve every aspect of its predecessor. The focus was portability & power, by tweaking techniques used in prior models we were able to save precious resources and created a lamp made with the trusted principals of the Lucis brand.


One of the most important aspects of Design and Sourcing is prototyping, we went through several prototype stages to find the optimal product in cost and use.


A product is nothing without good materials, with this series of lamps we chose for a combination of ABS and a finish made from sustainable Bamboo. This combined with the splash-proof varnish gave the lamp its trendy look and feel.

Productional ease

The Lucis Bamboo series was created through prior Lucis principals e.g. dimensions & shape to save on precious resources. The bottom of the lamp features a ¼ screw connector that is designed to be used in accordance with each and every accessory made for Lucis lamps up to this point creating a trustworthy accessory series that supports the best features of the lamps.


The packaging we made for Lucis also went through several prototyping stages; we wanted to get it just right; the package had to be light but sturdy, look deluxe but cost less and fit in well to general shipping standards to further save costs. In the end creating a package that supports the lamp during travel and creates a great showcase of the products for physical shops and events.


Custom Design study for Lucis 2.1


Multiple rounds of prototyping to find the optimal product


High-quality Sustainable materials & components


Production & QC comply with General Quality Directives


Worldwide Distribution with Reliable Shipping partners

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