Lucis 2.0 Sustainable Bamboo

LUCIS 2.0 is a wireless and touch-activated Mood Light which is unique due it its stylish design, its sustainability and its power. After a successful campaign at Indiegogo we are back with a new lamp which is even better, more beautiful, stronger and most importantly, more sustainable: MEET LUCIS 2.0!

Lucis Wireless Lamp™ is equipped with a 13600mAh rechargeable battery and 450Lumen (40watt lamp). Charge for 6,5 hours you will have 8-100 hours of continuous full color lighting. Every Lucis is equipped with 4 sensors to set color and brightness. You can shake Lucis Bamboo™ ON/OFF and use the 16 million colors to set the mood anywhere. Lucis Bamboo™ is available in high quality Bamboo and the 1/4″ tripod connector can be used for any tripod on the market.


  • CLIENT Lucis Wireless lighting
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Product Design, Production, Distribution
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