Auto Service Haarlem Concept Sketches

Auto Service Haarlem came to us with the request to create full 3D-rendered sketches for a potential location of a new physical store. This project featured high-quality imagery as a showcase to support the decision of the eventual new location, which could be used to make a better-informed decision regarding the matter.

  • CLIENT Auto Service Haarlem
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID 3D Design, Visualisation

3D modelling

Creating 3D models from scratch
Creating lifelike Imagery

Applicable Showcase

Creating a Presentable Showcase

These concept sketches were created for car-selling company Auto Service Haarlem. The company had been looking to build a new physical store, our 3D Concept sketches aided them in the decision making process.

3D-Concept Sketches

The main focus in the sketches was to create an effective showcase of the planned store. These images were created in a full 3D-environment giving the viewer full access to the scenery. The sketches had to be immersive and look as lifelike as possible as well as function as a blueprint in case of eventual construction. These requirements called for high-quality 3D models that could successfully represent the concept in its eventual environment. Seeing as the sketch was made for a car dealer it was vital to create models for specific cars on top of the usual building and street. This gave the project an added dimension that could further enhance the showcase.


The showcase was made to look as close to real-life as possible, which gives the viewer an insight into the retail store that could become reality in the future.


One of the most important aspects of the projects was the opportunity of eventual creation. This possibility was supported in the sketches through proper measurements and physics.


Shaping the realistic scenery and environment


Creating the concept into realistic renders


Using proper measurements and physics to support real-life applicability

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