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Innovative Brands is an Amsterdam based design & production company that assists companies with product design, production and digital design services. Our head of design has more than a decade of expertise designing super sports cars for Spyker cars. The sourcing and production department of Innovative brands has years of experience working together with high-quality production facilities in multiple markets around the globe.

We design, develop, produce and brand our own consumer or third party products. We build high-end solutions for our clients with an excellent production and distribution network throughout the world. As a Holland based company Innovative Brands has strong Dutch design roots with the highest quality standards. We have extensive experience with every piece of the creation process. Firstly, we try to determine the exact product that our client wants to produce. We help our clients clarify the exact needs and wants of the product to smoothen the creation process. We strive for a high level of transparency during the entire process, which means that our clients are continuously updated regarding developments in the operation. We have personal experience with the entirety of the product progression process, the Lucis™ lamp series is our in-house brand that gave us the true insight in the adversities of product creation. Clients can save considerable resources by teaming up with an experienced party that knows the lay of the land in order to steer away from costly roadblocks along the way.


Together with you we create a couple of concepts to your wishes


We engineer and develop you product and packaging in production ready prototypes


We source the full production and assembly in the best location for your product


We will make sure the QC and all needed certificates are in order for your product to be shipped


We will arrange the shipment for your production to your desired location

1. Product Concept Phase

We Design the product to your wishes.

Innovative Brands is, and always has been, all about the creative process. Our design team consists of a group of well-established designers with high-profile names in the industry. Our head of Design, Simon Koop, has over a decade of experience designing super sport cars for Spyker cars. That’s not all, from phones to astonishing interiors, Simon has extensive experience in designing an array of products all over the world.

The creative process is the first step of creation, we attempt to construct a clear concept created with the wishes of the client. This process is commenced by a series of meetings with the clients, to ascertain the exact details of the what, why and when of the product. Clients can expect several questions like the following:

  • What is the purpose of the product?
  • What is the budget for the project?
  • What would be the preferred timeframe?
  • What are the required features of the product?
  • What is the general priority structure for the project?


Our design team is heavily involved in these talks to ensure the clarity of the overall picture. Afterwards our Design team starts working their magic, drawing up concepts and flowcharts to figure out item specifics. While all of this is happening our client support team is constantly available for questions or additional information.

Concept revision
Once the Design team has drawn up the first concepts and flowcharts we go through several rounds of revision where both the client and our team come up with improvements, these revision rounds are essential to smoothen the eventual process. The better and more things get assessed , the less costs will be incurred throughout the creation procedure.



2. Prototype phase

We engineer your product idea and packaging

After the initial concept phase we start to adjust the product specifics through form and material studies to ascertain what fits best for which product. This step is essential for the prospective ‘’feel and look’’ of the product, which is why we strive to be as open as we can towards our clients. The clients can, by all means, choose their level of involvedness in the project, but we always recommend our clients to be an active member in the process.

The team starts creating the 3D models when both parties agree on the eventual concept and materials, which are used to create the prototypes which are send to the client. Both parties evaluate the good features and the opportunities of the product, again, we go through several rounds of revision to ensure that the clients receive the optimal product.  We have gone through this process countless times and always come back to the same conclusion; communication is key, we help our clients decide what product they want and find the most efficient way to create that product.

Another important step of the process that mustn’t be forgotten is the creation of the packaging for the product, questions we often find ourselves trying to answer in this stage are:

  • What materials should be used?
  • What is going to be the size of the package?
  • What is going to be the cost per product per package?


The packaging step is one that can only be finalized once the actual product has taken its permanent form which means that this tends to be one of the last steps in the engineering process

3. Global Sourcing

We source & assemble your production worldwide

Global nitpicking
Our sourcing and production department has perfected the art of nitpicking on a global level, we strive to find the best solutions for any project. It doesn’t matter where the required  components for the project are, we find them and bring the pieces of the puzzle together for assembly. We only work with the best production facilities that meet our fair-labor and high-quality standards.

An international operation
One of the most important factors when dealing with international production facilities is to know what to look for, and even more importantly, what to avoid. Our team has had many interactions with parties from every corner of the world, which has given us an overview of the field were playing on. We have a good network of trustworthy contacts in several of the worlds prime production hotspots. We work together with our clients and supply chain partners to get the best quality price ratio possible, from small batches under a thousand pieces to high-volume orders over a hundred thousand units.

Trust = crucial
Due to the fact that every product created goes through extensive revision, we find it absolutely vital to find and work with the right production company for the project. We have considerable experience working with different parties and have found that trust between all parties involved is crucial. Our clients never have direct contact with production companies, that’s what we are for, but we do want our clients to know that we take responsibility for the work delivered by these companies. Which means that our clients can put total faith in us to produce a complete and great product.


4. Production QC

We perform High Standard Quality Control

Clear vision
The whole process has been set-up to make this stage as straightforward as possible, both parties involved have an unambiguous vision for the eventual product. This eases the eventual facilitation of the High Standard Quality Control measures. The prototyping stage of both product and packaging has come to an end, which means all parties involved know what the product looks like and what its capable of.

Quality Control measures
One of the measures we take is rigorous testing, we make sure that our products are extensively tested and comply with world-wide regulations. This not only increases the safety of the product but also adds quality marks to let consumers know that the product was heavily tested. All the products comply with several acknowledged directives.

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5. Testing & Compliance

CE, FCC, RoHS-normen

All our products are fully tested to the highest standards

All our electronic products are fully tested to the highest standards and complies with directives; 2011/65/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC. CE, FCC, RoHs standards. We test our finished products extensively and comply with world-wide regulations.


6. World wide shipping

We deliver your product to a location worldwide

We have experience with the operational logistics of a grand-scale delivery setup. The promise of worldwide delivery is one that we are all to familiar with, our familiarity was obtained through our own processes in product creation. Our Lucis™ lamp series is a product that is sold and delivered worldwide and we have worked with many other products that have now been spread out across the globe.

We work with good shipping companies that deliver on time and undamaged products to a location of your choosing.

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