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We design, develop, produce and brand our own consumer or third party products. We build high-end solutions for our clients with an excellent production and distribution network throughout the world. As a Holland based company Innovative Brands has strong dutch design roots with the best quality standards. Our head of design has more than a decade of expertise designing super sports cars for Spyker. The sourcing and production department of Innovative brands has many years of experience working together with high-quality production facilities in multiple markets all over world.


We design the product to your wishes


We engineer your product idea and packaging


We source & assemble your production worldwide


We do the Quality Control to the highest standards


We deliver your product to a location worldwide

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The New Lucis Portable Lighting 3.0 Simple & Twist attending Maison Object

Product design project

Lucis, the award-winning ultra-powerful, wireless LED mood lamp, is back on Indiegogo with an all-new range of products and accessories that make the future look bright. The Amsterdam-based design company is back, with the Lucis™ 3.0 product line. “With the new series of Lucis Lamps, we continued our search towards creating the perfect cordless LED lamp that can set the mood anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Our 3.0 product line features both the Simple & Twist models that are centralized around intuitive function, portability and the sharing of both power and light ’’ says co-founder and designer Simon Koop. “Our new models were greatly influenced by the notion that people should connect and find each other, we wanted to create a truly social mood lamp that combined clean looking Dutch-design and great functionality to create the perfect setting’’. The company is proud to come out with 4 completely new pill-shaped wireless LED lamps; the Lucis™ 3.0 line. The line is subdivided into 2 categories; the Simple & the Twist


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