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Who we are?


We design, develop, produce and brand our own consumer or third party products. We build high-end solutions for our clients with an excellent production and distribution network throughout the world. As a Holland based company Innovative Brands has strong dutch design roots with the best quality standards. Our head of design has more than a decade of expertise designing super sports cars for Spyker. The sourcing and production department of Innovative brands has many years of experience working together with high-quality production facilities in multiple markets all over world.

We work together with our clients and supply chains to get the best quality price ratio possible, from small badges under a thousand pieces to high-volume orders over a hundred thousand units.


Design     “We strive to make beautiful and intuitive consumer products by a high dutch design standard.”
Quality     “Innovative Brands provides safe, high-quality products and services by coordinating all supply chain activities with the same objective.”
Production     “We only work with the best production facilities that can meet our fair-labor and high-quality standards.”


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”steve Jobs